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Hypoxic pre-acclimatization

What is hypoxic pre-acclimatization?

The key to safely exploring high altitudes. High altitudes can be incredibly rewarding, but it also carries risk. It can lead to altitude sickness, a condition that can be fatal if left untreated.
To help mitigate that risk, we are offering our Flash™ expeditions, where our customers get hypoxic tents for at home pre-acclimatization.

Hypoxic pre-acclimatization is a process of slowly introducing the body to lower oxygen levels, which mimics the physical conditions at higher altitudes. By slowly adapting to the lower oxygen levels, the body can become more tolerant to the physical strain of higher altitudes. The most common method of hypoxic pre-acclimatization is sleeping in a hypoxic tent. Acclimatisation using hypoxic tents means exposing the body to normobaric hypoxia and thereby initiating the process of acclimatization. A filter extracts oxygen from the ambient air and then blows it into a tent.

This simulates a high-altitude environment, allowing the body to slowly get used to the change. There are different tent sizes, so you can either lie in the tent with just your head or your entire body.

The process of hypoxic pre-acclimatization can be beneficial to anyone who plans to explore high altitudes. It helps to reduce the risk of altitude sickness and can improve overall physical performance. This special preparation combined with a small group, maximum oxygen support, the best equipment and an experienced team as well as our extensive experience as expedition organizers enables us to shorten the duration of the expedition to only 3 weeks. We are the pioneers of Flash™ expeditions and hypoxic acclimatization technology. We successfully guided Everest in 16 days, K2 in 18 days, Broad Peak in 14 days, Manaslu in 12 days and Ama Dablam in 8 days. We use hypoxic pre-acclimatization since 2008 and have more experience in this field than anyone else.

We have more experience than any other expedition operator. Other operators now offer shortened expeditions, but none have our 20 years of experience in pre-acclimatization with hypoxic systems. Pre-acclimatization using hypoxic tens only works with an individualized protocol, as standard protocols don’t work for everyone. We have been collecting data for more than 20 years and can now use this data pool to customize individualized sleep protocols for each client.

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