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Hypoxic pre-acclimatization

More than 15 years of experience with special hypoxic systems facilitate pre-acclimatisation and increase performance and chances of success significantly. With the support of experts, you will acclimatize at home. Easily done, with the world´s only sleeping tent that simulates the oxygen level of 7000m (21,000ft). Perfect to prepare yourself for high altitude!

We started using hypoxic systems in 2002 and started Everest expeditions with hypoxic pre-acclimatization in 2016. In 2018, we were the first Everest operator to reach the summit in only less than three weeks from home with all members, pre-acclimatized with hypoxic systems. A revolution in the Everest history. Meanwhile, we have done the fastest Everest expedition in only 16 days. K2 in 21 days, Manaslu in 12 days, Ama Dablam in 8 days and Broad Peak in 14 days.

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