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Choosing the right expedition operator

Are you gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime on an Everest expedition? Selecting the right expedition operator is paramount to ensuring a safe and successful journey not only to the top of the world but also back down. Here are essential criteria to consider when choosing your expedition operator:

Safety records

Investigate the safety record of your chosen operator. Reputable operators will openly share their track record, including summit success rates and accidents. If this information is not readily available, consider it a red flag and inquire further before making a decision. At Furtenbach Adventures, we pride ourselves on never having had an accident and prioritizing the safety of our climbers above all else. This safety record is unmatched in the market.


Success rate

Research the success rate of your selected operator. Transparency regarding past successes is crucial. Our extensive experience and tactics have resulted in a longstanding 100% success rate, demonstrating our commitment to guiding climbers to the summit safely and effectively. This success rate is unmatched in the market.


Price isn’t everything

When considering Everest expeditions, it’s crucial to resist the temptation of opting for the cheapest option. While it may seem appealing at first glance, the lowest price often comes with compromises in safety and quality. Investing in a reputable operator might require a higher upfront cost, but it can ultimately save you from unnecessary risks and setbacks during your expedition. Safety and success rates on Everest directly correlate with the price of the expedition, as evidenced by official figures. Furthermore, you want your Everest investment to be a one-time commitment. Every year, we encounter clients who initially choose a supposedly “cheap” expedition only to face failure and subsequently turn to us. This results in them paying twice for their Everest experience. A good research can help avoid such costly mistakes.


Expedition duration

Consider the length of the expedition. For example, our Flash™ expeditions: a shorter duration minimizes exposure time, our climbers have more energy due to fewer rotations, and have a lower risk of illness due to less time spent at Base camp. As a result, our climbers spend less time away from work and family. Our expertise in pre-acclimatization at home further enhances safety and efficiency.


Access to innovations

Ensure access to the latest innovations in expedition mountaineering. We continuously pioneer and adopt new technologies, safety standards, and oxygen systems to optimize the climbing experience and enhance safety.


EU-Based Operator

Opt for an operator based in the EU to benefit from consumer protection under EU travel regulations. Legal safeguards such as secured customer funds, insolvency protection, and mandatory liability insurance offer peace of mind. Additionally, in the event of force majeure circumstances like pandemics, clients are not subjected to cancellation fees. Last but not least, having a contractual partner based in an EU country and making payments to an EU country in the SEPA area is also a significant security factor.



Experience and reputation of Guides and Climbing Sherpas

The expertise and experience of the guides and climbing Sherpas leading the expedition can make a significant difference in the success and safety of your climb. Look for operators who employ experienced guides and Sherpas with a proven track record of leading successful Everest expeditions. Our guides and Sherpas have summited Everest multiple times, are highly experienced and undergo continuous training.



Access to Western medical support

Having access to a Western medical professional, such as a doctor, can be invaluable in handling medical emergencies and altitude-related issues. Verify if the expedition operator has a qualified medical team or arrangements for remote medical consultations during the expedition. We always have our own team doctor with us on our expeditions. 


Group size and client:guide ratio

The size of the expedition group and the client:guide ratio can impact the quality of the experience and the level of individual attention you receive. Smaller groups and lower client:guide ratios allow for more personalized support, better communication, and increased safety during the climb. We offer the following client:guide ratios: 4:1 for our Flash™ expedition and 8:1 for our Classic expeditions.

→ Overview of our Everest options.


Oxygen and backup Oxygen supply

Oxygen is vital for climbers at high altitudes, especially during the summit push. Ensure that the expedition operator provides a reliable supply of oxygen, including backup oxygen systems, to mitigate risks associated with altitude sickness and oxygen depletion. Furtenbach Adventures always carries sufficient oxygen and backup oxygen for every client, guide and climbing Sherpa.



Preparation and Training Support

A reputable expedition operator should offer comprehensive pre-expedition preparation and training support to help participants adequately prepare for the challenges of climbing Everest. This may include personalized training plans, guidance on gear selection, and access to resources such as training seminars and informational materials. Ensure that the operator prioritizes the physical and mental preparedness of climbers before embarking on the expedition.

Our expedition trainings in the Monte Rosa range (Europe) or Mount Hood area (US) are a perfect preparation. It’s for all who want to get a taste of expedition air and train for an 8000er. Learn different ice, snow and rock techniques, camping on a glacier and melting snow while climbing some of the most beautiful 4000ers in the Alps.

→ Please contact us if you would like to speak to us about your individual preparation.


Environmental and ethical aspects

Responsible and sustainable mountaineering practices are essential for preserving the integrity of the ecosystem and minimizing the environmental impact of expeditions. Choose operators who adhere to ethical guidelines and prioritize environmental conservation. Additionally, consider the operator’s commitment to supporting local communities and respecting the cultural heritage of the Everest region.

→ Our goal: Sustainable expeditions, climate neutral as a minimum standard, Net Zero or true CO2 negative as a target. We were the pioneers in this field in the industry and are still leading the way.



Communication and support services

Look for operators who always provide reliable communication channels, such as satellite phones or radios, for staying in touch with base camp and receiving updates on weather. Additionally, inquire about the level of logistical support and emergency assistance available throughout the expedition, including evacuation procedures in case of emergencies.

Conducting thorough research and comparing various expedition operators is crucial when selecting the right one for your Everest adventure. Seek input from fellow climbers who have engaged with specific operators in the past to gain valuable insights into their experiences and operational setups.


By prioritizing safety, expertise, and quality, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you’re in capable hands.