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Drohnenflug am Everest, Weltrekord

FF FILM is a boutique film production company based in Innsbruck and Wiesbaden. Award-winning camera work, certified and award-winning outdoor expertise and a passion for exceptional aerial photography make your story a magnificent visual experience.

As one of the leading productions in the field of drone recordings and 360° virtual reality technology, the FF FILM team has specialized in unique recordings in sometimes extreme terrain.


FF FILM has impressive references in the production of state of the art stabilized 4-6k aerial footage. Octocopters, helicopters with Cineflex or micro high-performance helicopters for special challenges. Very close to the moving object, in opposite directions, fast and in any inhospitable environment – from the north face of the Eiger to the icy summit of Kilimanjaro. Years of comrade drone experience combined with alpine competence make the hitherto impossible possible.


Together with FF FILM, take your viewers to the highest mountains in the world, to the depths of your production halls, to lonely mountain lakes and to lively sports arenas . . . venture into completely new perspectives, let the seer become the protagonist and experience your picture message from his point of view. This is the highest level of information that moving images can provide and at the same time represents the highest possible emotional charge of an image message. The seer determines what he sees. And the seer experiences what he sees.


FF FILM accompanies you from storyboarding to postproduction. Documentary, embedded, image, events, advertising. In freezing cold and blazing heat. Close to the sky at an altitude of 8000m or in the depths of the oceans. In tropical rainforest and dusty desert. Always with state-of-the-art camera systems, Steadycam, drones and cranes. To really capture every perspective. With elaborate time laps, amazing slider rides and the integration of Visual FX and photorealistic 3D animations. Cutting edge full service film production. Or we can put together exactly the package of services from our portfolio that you need for your project.


We spent our whole lives in the mountains, filming it. Climbing, steep wall skiing, mountain biking and expedition mountaineering. Film productions on the highest and most difficult mountains in the world speak for themselves. We combine a team of experienced alpine cameramen, drone pilots and excellent mountain guides with 15 years of know-how as an expedition organizer. This bundled passion is unique.


  • Nomination German Camera Award 2014
  • Nomination German Camera Award 2013
  • Nomination German Camera Award 2012
  • First Camera Award NaturVision Film Festival 2012
  • Nomination German Camera Award 2011
  • Award of the Media Prize of the German AIDS Foundation 2010 to the camera
  • Nomination German Camera Award 2008

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Servicebox FF FILM

  • Film production company based in Innsbruck and Wiesbaden
  • Breathtaking aerial photographs
  • State-of-the-art drone technology
  • 360° Virtual Reality Technology
  • Individual project support from storyboarding to production
  • 15 years of outdoor experience
  • Award-winning camera work
  • Passion and commitment for unique images