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New adventures

We are always on the lookout for new destinations and exclusive expeditions. When we undertake these trips for the first time, the experience is significantly enhanced. Both for you and for our guides. This is actually the original form of adventure travel. Just as the early explorers were able to experience it. Still afflicted with uncertainties and riddled with situations that require a talent for improvisation. But also with the privilege to experience something completely new, something that no one has ever experienced before. It paves the way for all that follow. Like the great adventures and pioneers of past centuries. Therefore we have decided to offer these „pilot expeditions“ exclusively to the members of our Pioneer Circle. As a member of the Pioneer Circle you will be informed of any newly planned Furtenbach Adventures expeditions and are invited to apply for participation. Spaces are limited and thus highly desired.

Your pioneering spirit, love of adventure and willingness to contribute towards the optimization of our offers constitutes an invaluable asset to Furtenbach Adventures, therefore we want to express our gratitude with a significant price reduction. Each scouting trip from the Pioneer Circle program is bookable for members at a special rate.

Register for the Pioneer Circle now – completely free of charge and non-binding!