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Carstensz Pyramid

Probably the most exotic of all Seven Summits.

The Carstensz Pyramid with its 4.884 m, is the highest mountain of Austral-Ozeania and at the same time the smallest of the Seven Summits. But you should not let yourself to be misled by the small size of this mountain. The “Puncak Jaya” – “Victory Mountain” as it is called in the native language, is deemed as the most challenging of all Seven Summits from a climbing point of view. It is situated on the second biggest island of the world, in the province of Papua which is part of Indonesia – amidst green and dense jungle.

And this jungle has its perfidies and pitfalls. In order to reach the Base Camp on the overland route, a crossing of the rainforest is inevitable and especially during heavy rain, you should not forget to bring your rubber boots and some extra endurance. If the Base Camp has been reached, the hardest part is not over yet. There are still several hours of climbing, partly supported by fixed ropes ahead before the summit is in sight. Arrived at the Summit, a breathtaking scenery awaits us, with the possibility to see two oceans at the same time if the weather is in our favor. A moment, you will never forget.

Adventure Factor brave
Experience / Emotion unforgettable
Fitness / Struggle challenging
Risk low objective hazards
Comfort simple


  • Helicopter expedition
  • Highest summit of Austral-Oceania
  • Diverse landscape
  • Cultural highlights when visiting the indigenous people
  • Most challenging of all Seven Summits

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Price per person: 0

This trip leads into a very remote, political unstable region, which makes it a very difficult expedition to organize. We try our best, to carry out this tour according to the planned schedule. However, every expedition member should bring a certain amount of flexibility, as we might change the route due to weather conditions or political circumstances. Furthermore, we are going to get in touch with the indigenous Dani people, who still live like in the stone-age – please be aware that no western standards or customs should be expected here. In return, this gives us the unique possibility to immerse into a totally sealed off culture.

The exact procedure depends on the local conditions (such as weather) and may be changed according to the circumstances.


Day 1: Arrival in Bali. Arrival at Bali airport and transfer to hotel. Meeting of all team members and the rest of the day at leisure.
Hotel; (-/-) 

Day 2: Preparation and night flight to Timika. Preparation and discussion of the expedition. In the evening we leave the hotel at about 22:30 in the direction of the airport and fly to Timika.
Airplane; (-/-/-)

Day 3: Arrival in Timika at about 06:00, transfer to the hotel and time to rest. Packing of equipment, final preparations, final check and meeting.
Hotel; (-/M/A)

Day 4: Timika – Carstensz Basecamp: Helicopter flight to Carstensz Base Camp “Yellow Valley”. Set up and free time – first acclimatization.
Tent; (F/M/A)

Day 5: Further acclimatization day at the base camp.
Tent; (F/M/A)

Day 6: Basecamp – summit Carstensz Pyramid – Basecamp: Passages up to the IV. degree of difficulty UIAA with mountain boots in the post-climb. The normal route of the 700 m high north face begins with easy climbing in the II-IIIrd grade. Level of difficulty. Only the last 80m up to the summit ridge become really steep and require climbing in the IV. degree of difficulty, which are defused by the mountain guide with fixed ropes. Once the summit ridge has been reached, a sharp incision has to be made before climbing the summit to 4,884 m. The climb is then completed by the end of the climb. Abseil over the ascent route.
Tent; (F/M/A)

Day 7: Basecamp – Timika: Return flight by helicopter from Basecamp to Timika. Depending on the flight connection overnight stay in Timika or onward flight to Bali.
Hotel; (F/M/A)

Day 8: Bali. If not yesterday, then today flight to Bali. Remaining time at your free disposal.
Hotel; (-/-/-)

Day 9-10: Reserve days. If the two reserve days are not needed for the expedition, we have two days at our disposal in Bali. Last day individual flight home (departure best in the evening).
Hotel; (-/-/-)

check_circle_outline  What the price includes:

  • Organization of the journey
  • IFMGA/AMGA lead guide
  • 8 nights according to the program, if possible on a single room basis
  • Meals according to the program (4x breakfast, 5x lunch, 5x dinner)
  • Domestic flights in economy class (Bali – Timika – Bali)
  • Helicopter flight Timika – Carstensz Basecamp – Timika
  • Personal luggage for helicopter flight: maximum 15kg
  • All transfers
  • Local guide / cook
  • Camping equipment
  • Satellite phone for a fee and depending on availability
  • All fees and permits
  • Safety and liability of an EU based tour operator

highlight_off  What the price does not include:

  • International flight to / from Bali 
  • Excess baggage charges on domestic flights and on helicopter flights
  • Additional helicopter costs, that arise due to bad weather or other circumstances (e.g. standby costs in Timika due to delay)
  • Meals not mentioned in the procedure
  • Beverages
  • Personal insurance
  • Visa (USD 35 for 30 days “on arrival visa”)
  • Personal medication
  • Tips
  • Personal equipment
  • Additional hotel nights / costs when changing the procedure
  • All services not included in the services included

We strive to communicate every aspect of an expedition as openly and honestly as possible. Since trekking to the Carstensz base camp is currently prohibited, we are dependent on helicopters. These have the advantage of greatly shortening the expedition. However, depending on the weather and local circumstances, additional (helicopter related) costs may incur. The possible additional costs listed below are intended to give a rough idea of what to expect in different situations.

Should additional costs be incurred, they will of course be passed on to the participants without any surcharge on our part. The indicated costs can change at any time. The costs incurred will be divided among all participants.

“Return to base” costs: USD 3.600 / flight

Apply if the helicopter starts towards the base camp or back, but cannot land due to bad weather (or anything else) and has to turn around to try again later. The risk for these additional costs is very low, as the pilots normally do not take off without good weather conditions. It can happen, however, if the helicopter starts under non-ideal weather conditions at the request of the participants.

Helicopter costs of extension for Standby in Timika: USD 2.000 / day

Apply if the helicopter has to wait in Timika longer than calculated. Start applying on day nr. 8 in the itinerary (e.g. delays due to weather conditions). Will also apply if the helicopter has to wait in Timika for the time in between two expeditions.

Climbers cost of extension in Timika: USD 90 / day / person

Apply if the team has to stay longer than 3 nights in Timika before departing to Carstensz basecamp (e.g. due to weather conditions)

Approximate mobilization costs, if the included Bell or B3 helicopters are not available in Timika at that time:

The availability of the helicopter cannot be guaranteed!
If none of the included helicopters (Bell or B3) is available in Timika, we will try to find another helicopter that may be stationed at another location in Indonesia. This may result in additional costs. The following examples serve as a rough guide, what to expect in this situation:

CAMOV / MI helicopter from Timika: USD 19.000,- / flight

BELL/B3 helicopter from Nabire: USD 20.000,- / flight

info  General information

Tour operator for this trip: Furtenbach Adventures.

An expedition to high altitudes still presents an enormous challenge despite modern equipment and tactics. Besides technical and fitness requirements, the high altitude still poses the largest hurdle. That is why we place great emphasis on prudent, slow acclimatization.

Weather and conditions on the mountain can lead to program or route changes. Participation in the expedition lies in your own individual responsibility. Furtenbach Adventures assumes no liability for accidents, damages or loss of materials.

If you are not sure that taking part in an expedition like this is the right thing for you, feel free to contact us on Tel +43 512 204134 or e-mail [email protected] for a personal consultation.

This package in general is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

https   Insurance possibilities

We strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance (including trip cancellation, interruption, medical and luggage insurance) at “Europäische Reiseversicherung AG[European Travel insurance].

For this journey the insurance package “Annual-Complete+Cover” would be suitable. We’re happy to provide you with an individual offer after the booking of the trip or on request.

language   Entry Requirements

EU or Swiss citizens:

When entering the country, you need a passport with a validity of at least 6 more months. There is a possibility to get a tourist visa on arrival at the airport in Bali. Therefore you also need to show a return flight ticket. BUT we definitely recommend to get your visa in advance at the responsible embassy for Austria: Embassy of Indonesia in Vienna.

More detailed information regarding entry, visa and health requirements for this travel destination will be provided once you’ve communicated your nationality.

work  Equipment

You need to bring your own personal equipment including a sleeping bag with a comfort zone for -20° C. Please consider that the temperature is likely to drop below -30° C, and a strong win-chill-effect and storms can occur. Following your booking we will send you a detailed equipment list. We will be happy to advise you personally during the selection and purchase of required equipment. With years of expedition experience, we know what has proved its worth and what not.

insert_chart_outlined   Difficulty / Technique

The ascent always lies in the participant‘s personal responsibility, while led by the mountain guide and expedition leader. Participants must be able to move safely and independently in mixed terrain (rock, snow, ice) and – if required – independently build rope teams under the guidance of the mountain guide. Cooperation, camaraderie and support on the mountain increases the chances of success for all. The guide is there to provide guidance for the whole group, the possibilities for him to respond to individual needs is limited. It is imperative that participants adhere to the instructions and decisions made by the mountain guide. Regardless, each participant must know their own physical limits, and be able to make a timely decision to turn back.

perm_identity   Physical fitness

A key success factor in expeditions is being in good shape. Train in the months before the expedition! Several hour climbs with a backpack and around 1000 meters per day should not be a problem for you. Mental training is also advised for this very challenging expedition. We will gladly provide individual advice on how to best prepare yourself mentally and physically for an expedition!

local_hospital  Health

We recommend that each participant undergoes a medical examination prior to the expedition. Good health is a prerequisite for participation. Particularly important is a visit to the dentist because previously unnoticed dental problems can become quite acute due to the sudden change in pressure conditions in higher altitudes.

landscape  Experience

We are very familiar with the charm and attraction of a high mountain! However, we want to make certain that you can ascend safely, come back alive, and be able to enjoy the expedition while on it and not afterwards. When booking, please let us know which heights you have already reached and which high mountains you have climbed. If you are a newcomer, no problem, we offer a bespoke program aimed to train you for reaching your desired destination.

We offer a special introductory weekend for all those who want to learn about – or refresh their knowledge of – all the skills and techniques needed on an expedition. More info here.

payment  Payment

Deposit Payment is made less than eleven months prior to the end of the trip and is a maximum of 20% of the price. The balance must be paid no earlier than 20 days prior to departure. Please find more information regarding the payment in our GTC.


directions_run  Right of withdrawal

The traveller has the right to withdraw from the travel contract at any time by paying the according cancellation fee stated in the General Terms of Conditions of Furtenbach Adventures GmbH.

The following fees apply for cancellations on the part of the client prior to travel:

until 30 days prior to departure…………………………. 30%
29 – 20 days prior to departure…………………….. 40%
19 -10 days prior to departure…………………….. 70%
9 – 4 days prior to departure………………………… 80%
from the 3rd day prior to departure (72 hours)………100%
on the day of departure………………………………… 100% of the tour fee.

The tour operator will be released from the contract if the specified minimum number of participants is not achieved and if the customer has been notified about the cancellation in writing within the following periods: until 20 days prior to departure.