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What are Flash™ expeditions?

Flash expeditions are revolutionising high altitude climbing.

Flash™ expeditions are characterized by a unique approach to acclimatization, featuring pre-acclimatization in a hypoxic tent at home through personalized protocols.

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Flash™ expeditions are not only much shorter, but our climbers also must do only one rotation on the mountain. That means their exposure time to any risks is much shorter, compared to a regular expedition schedule with 3 rotations and acclimatization in high camps. Flash™ expeditions are significantly safer and the risk of getting sick during the expedition is reduced. You will also start your summit push much better recovered, since you did not waste all your energy on rotations. Therefore our climbers are always able to descend in the lowest and safest camp after summiting while others need another 1-3 days and nights for their descent after summiting.

For an Everest Flash™ Expedition therefore, the total time of altitude exposure is not, as is often cited, less than on a regular expedition, but quite the opposite, is actually more (8 weeks in a hypoxic tent and 4 weeks on the mountain). Another important element of our Flash™ Expeditions is monitoring vital signs like the climber’s blood oxygen levels and their heart rate. This now changes the way we can climb high mountains, because decision making on the oxygen flow rate can be objective and based on data, instead of a traditional subjective estimate by a climber or guide.

We pioneered Flash™ expeditions and hypoxic acclimatization technology. Conquering Everest in 16 days, K2 in 18 days, Broad Peak in 14 days, Manaslu in 12 days, and Ama Dablam in 8 days. Since 2008, our unrivaled experience in hypoxic pre-acclimatization has been reshaping possibilities.

Another interesting thing to mention: Flash™ expeditions are more sustainable. With our shortened Flash™ Expeditions, which only last a good 3 weeks instead of the regular 9 weeks, we save up to 50% resources and produce correspondingly less waste and are responsible for fewer CO2 emissions. And all this at the same payment for the local crew as with the previous 9 week expedition.

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