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Our goal: Sustainable expeditions, climate neutral as a minimum standard, Net Zero or true CO2 negative as a target.

We love to climb and explore the mountains around the world. For our freedom and joy, the adventure and the thrill. Unfortunately, mountains are threatened by climate change and overuse. This problem affects us all. We need to reduce our ecological footprint and take care of these natural treasures. It is clearly our responsibility as expedition operators to preserve our mountains for future generations. Today, this obligation is stronger than ever.

Much has not been done properly on the high mountains in the past, much has been neglected, and much has gone in a completely wrong direction. It is now high time to do better and not to thoughtlessly continue the mistakes and environmental sins of past generations, but to eradicate them and, moreover, to compensate and make amends, i.e. also to remove and dispose of the waste of past expeditions. We all owe it to these mountains, to nature, to these countries and their inhabitants, and to the planet. We take responsibility and hope that many will follow us.


  • 100% solar energy in the form of a large photovoltaic farm at Basecamp for the duration of the expedition.
  • Waste water treatment at Basecamp; Furtenbach Adventures is the first operator to implement this on the south side after a successful introduction on the north side of Everest.
  • Strict waste separation (metal, glass and plastic will be recycled)
  • Collection of feces from Basecamp in garbage cans and transport to the valley
  • Collection of feces from high camps in waste bags and transport to valley
  • Reusable oxygen cylinders (all cylinders are removed, serviced and refilled and used for up to 20 years).
  • We leave nothing on the mountain, protecting this natural resource for future generations
  • Voluntary commitment to remove more waste from the mountain than is produced; thus ensuring that waste from past decades is removed!
  • CO2 avoidance and minimization strategy for the entire expedition including all transport of people and material
  • Compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions through certified compensation projects (conversion of cooking facilities to biogas plants for rural population in Nepal)

In order not to limit our sustainability claim to the environment, we also take our social responsibility seriously:

  • Fair, industry-highest pay for local employees and sherpa
  • Health and accident insurance for local employees and sherpa
  • Ensuring local value creation
  • Stable, crisis-proof local jobs
  • Continuous support of the local workforce even during the Covid crisis
  • Best equipment and most modern oxygen system for our Climbing Sherpa
  • Oxygen to work for our Climbing Sherpa from C2 (not a matter of course!)
  • 90% of the staff locally engaged
  • 95% of food purchased locally


With the participation in our Everest Expedition you are part of our sustainable expedition concept and write history together with us. This means that for the first time all CO2 emissions caused by flights, accommodation and local transport will be compensated by us.

The responsibility for this lies with Furtenbach Adventures – the travel price for our participants remains the same. Every expedition participant supports the climate and the preservation of our mountains as a resource for future generations by booking through Furtenbach Adventures and thus sets a sign for a common climate-friendly expedition tourism.