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Mt. Giluwe, cultural experience and underwater worlds 

The highest volcano in Oceania (Mt. Giluwe), the largest number of ecosystems in the South Pacific, the country with the most spoken languages worldwide. Blessed with deep valleys, glaciers, active volcanoes, pristine rainforests, beautiful coastlines and a stunning underwater world, the centuries-old cultures of the over 1,000 tribes in the country make Papua New Guinea so unique. Despite colonialism, most of its inhabitants, secluded from civilization, were able to maintain their traditional way of life until today. Although at least cannibalism, tribal feuds, black magic and necromancers are actually a thing of the past ...

A varied and unique journey - we climb the highest volcano in Oceania and admire the magnificent underwater world in one of the best diving locations in the world. A canoe safari to the old-established tribes takes us back to a time when myths and age-old traditions set the scene for everyday life, while we celebrate the sheer colors and joie de vivre of the Papuans with various dances and traditional costumes. All in the middle of an exotic Pacific paradise. A unique combination of impressions, colors, smells, sounds and encounters that captivates everyone.



Helicopter expedition Carstenz pyramid (more info at "schedule")





  • the highest volcano of Oceania 
  • unspoiled raiforests 
  • breathtaking underwater worlds 
  • get to know the tradition of long-established inhabitants 
  • Carstensz pyramid




Only Papua New Guinea: 04 August - 19 August 2019 (15 days from/to Port Moresby) € 6.690,00

Booking Code: PAP119

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PACKAGE Papua New Guinea & West Papua: 04 August - 28 August 2019 (25 days from Port Moresby/ to Bali) € 17.990,00

Booking Code: PAP319

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Papua New Guinea 

Price: € 6.690,00

Minimum 4 people 

Included services:

Organization of the journey

German speaking guide

15 nights according to the program, if possible on a double room basis

Meals according to the program (15x breakfast, 13x lunch, 13x dinner)

Domestic flights in economy class (Port Moresby - Mt Hagen, Mt. Hagen - Wewak, Wewak - Port Moresby, Port Moresby - Alotau, Alotau - Port Moresby)

All transfers

Local team (driver, guides on ascent of Mt. Giluwe)

All fees, permits and entrance fees for the specified program

Not included services:

International flight to Port Moresby (we are pleased to make you an offer, currently expected to be around € 1,800)

Excess baggage charges on domestic flights

Meals not mentioned in the procedure


Cost of Water Activities in Milne Bay (Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, etc.)

Personal insurance

Visa for Papua New Guinea (visa is possible upon arrival, prior application to Embassy recommended)

Personal medication


Personal equipment



Price: € 11.900,00 

Included services: 

Organization of the journey

German speaking guide

8 nights according to the program, if possible on a double room basis

Meals according to the program (4x breakfast, 5x lunch, 5x dinner)

Domestic flights in economy class (Bali - Timika - Bali)

Helicopter flight Timika - Carstensz Basecamp - Timika

Personal luggage for helicopter flight: maximum 15kg

All transfers

Local guide / cook

Camping equipment

Satellite phone

All fees and permits

Not included services:

International flight to / from Bali (we are happy to make you an offer, currently at around € 950)

Excess baggage charges on domestic flights and on helicopter flights

Meals not mentioned in the procedure


Personal insurance

Visa (USD 35 for 30 days "on arrival visa")

Personal medication


Personal equipment

Additional hotel nights / costs when changing the procedure

All services that are not included in the services included list

Tour operator for this trip: Furtenbach Adventures GmbH, Hoehenstrasse 5, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, phone: +43 (0) 512 204134, mail:





The exact procedure depends on the conditions on the ground (weather, political circumstances, etc.) and may be changed according to circumstances.

-2 days (03 August 2019): departure ex Europe

-1 day (04 August 2019): Flight

Day 1 (05 August 2019): Arrival Port Moresby - Mt. Hagen (City)

After the arrival at the airport in Port Moresby (capital of Papua New Guinea) follows the  flight to Mt. Hagen. About 45-minute transfer to the property, surrounded by nature. Time to relax if you feel like taking a short tour around the lodge. In the evening a common welcome dinner.

Lodge; (- / - / A)

Day 2 (06 August 2019): Mt. Hagen (mountain)

Climbing Mt. Hagen (3.800m) for acclimatization purposes. Ascent takes about 3-4 hours, in good weather great views of the summits of Mt. Giluwe and Mt. Wilhelm. Descent through the lush nature back to the lodge.

Lodge; (F / M / A)

Day 3 (07 August 2019): Mt. Hagen (City) - Basecamp Mt. Giluwe

Today we make our way to the highest volcano in Oceania. We start with a 1-hour transfer to Mailka village with a 4x4 vehicle. There we meet the local guides and start the trek over grasslands, into the rainforest until we finally reach the base camp (about 9-10 hours). We try to arrive as early as possible, so that we have enough time to set up the tents and collect firewood and eat before the night falls.

Attention: the nights in the mountains can get very cold! Warm clothes, sleeping bags and a fire should still allow pleasant temperatures!

Tent; (F / M / A)

Day 4 (08 August 2019): Mt. Giluwe

Start of the ascent to Mt. Giluwe at 4:00 in the morning. We reach the summit at about 8:00 clock and can look forward (in good weather) to an incomparable view! After we have enjoyed our summit victory, the descent follows. After a long day we rest in the base camp.

Tent; (F / M / A)

Day 5 (09 August 2019): Mt. Giluwe Basecamp - Mt. Hagen (City)

With our new strength we are on our way back to Mt. Hagen and the rest of the day we have some free time.

guesthouse; (F / M / A)

Day 6 (10 August 2019): Cultural activities

Today we visit two tribes, which are located near Mt. Hagen and get to know their unique culture: colorful costumes, traditional dances, scary customs and kind people. If time allows and we are lucky, we can also observe the rare Paradisebird.

guesthouse; (F / M / A)

Day 7 (11 August 2019): Mt. Hagen - Wewak

A short domestic flight brings us today to Wewak, the largest city on the river Sepik. We check into the hotel and then discover Wewak on a city tour: war relics, old churches and local markets.

Hotel; (F / M / A) 

Day 8 (12 August 2019): Canoe safari on the Sepik - Kanganamun

A 3-4-hour transfer brings us to Pagwi, from where we drive with a motorized canoe over the Sepik to an old native tribe. Once there, we set up and get a tour of the village "Kanganamun" and an insight into their lives and their craftsmanship.

Very basic accommodation: mattresses on the floor, Outhouse, bucket shower!

Very simple guesthouse; (F / M / A)

Day 9 (13 August 2019): Kanganamun

Today we can experience a small village festival, which our hosts organize in our honor. They show us their traditional dances and let us be part of their culture. We have time to get to know the so-called "Spirit-house" and its gods and spirits.

Very simple guesthouse; (F / M / A)

Day 10 (14 August 2019): Sepik 

Day 11 (15 August 2019): Kanganamun - Wewak - Port Moresby

Today we say goodbye to the inhabitants of the Kanganamun village very early and take the canoe back to Pagwi and from there to Wewak. In the afternoon we take the plane to Port Moresby, where we spend the rest of the day. There we will have some free time for ourselves.

Hotel; (F / L / -)

Day 12 (16 August 2019): Port Moresby - Alotau / Milne Bay

This morning another domestic flight brings us to our last stop in Papua New Guinea: the sea with its famous underwater world - one of the most beautiful in the world!

After we arrived in Alotau we will drive by jeep and canoe in the paradisiacal hotel "Tawali Resort" in the Milne Bay. After checking-in we will have some free time and can enjoy the sea.

Hotel; (F / M / A)

Day 13 - 15 (17 – 19 August 2019) Milne Bay - sun, beach and sea

The next few days we have plenty of time to relax by the sea and explore the unique underwater world: snorkeling, diving, swimming or even fishing is possible. (Activities not included)

Hotel; (F / M / A)

Day 16 (20 August 2019) Milne Bay - Port Moresby

Return flight to Port Moresby, rest of the day free time.

Hotel; (F / - / -)

Day 17 (21 August 2019): home or onward flight

Transfer to the airport and either individual home flight or if you have booked the complete package an onward flight to Bali.

Hotel; (- / - / -)




The exact procedure depends on the local conditions (such as weather) and may be changed according to the circumstances.

Day 1 (21 August 2019): Arrival in Bali

Arrival at the airport in Bali and transfer to the hotel. Meeting all the team members and free time for the rest of the day.

Hotel; (- / - / -)

Day 2 (22 August 2019): Preparation and night flight to Timika

Preparation and discussion of the expedition. At 10:30 pm we leave the hotel for the airport and fly to Timika.

Plane; (- / - / -)

Day 3 (23 August 2019): Timika

Arrival in Timika at about 06:00, transfer to the hotel and time to rest. Packing the equipment, final preparations, check and meeting.

Hotel; (- / M / A)

Day 4 (24 August 2019): Timika - Carstensz Basecamp

Helicopter flight to Carstensz Base Camp "Yellow Valley". Set up and some free time - first acclimatization.

Tent; (F / M / A)

Day 5 (25 August 2019): Carstensz Basecamp

Further acclimatization day in the basecamp.

Tent; (F / M / A)

Day 6 (26 August 2019): Basecamp - Summit Carstensz Pyramid – Basecamp summit

Passages up to IV. Difficulty level UIAA with mountain boots in the ascent. The normal route of the 700 m high north face begins with easy climbing in the II.-III. degree of difficulty. Only the last 80 meters to reach the summit ridge are really steep and require climbing in the IV. difficulty level, which are mitigated with fixed ropes by the mountain guide. Once the summit ridge has been reached, another sharp cut must be made before climbing the summit to 4.884 m. Rappelling on the ascent route.

Tent; (F / M / A)

Day 7 (27 August 2019): Basecamp - Timika

Return flight by helicopter from Basecamp to Timika. Depending on the flight connection, overnight stay in Timika or onward flight to Bali.

Hotel; (F / M / A)

Day 8 (28 August 2019): Bali

If not yesterday, then today flight to Bali and some free time.

Hotel; (- / - / -)

Day 9 and 10 (29 – 30 August 2019): Reserve days

If the two reserve days are not needed for the expedition, we will have two days in Bali (free time). Last day individual home flight (departure best in the evening).

Hotel; (- / - / -)

General information

Even despite modern equipment and altitude tactics, an expedition to great heights still poses a major challenge. In addition to the conditional requirements, the altitude itself is the greatest difficulty. We attach great importance to a prudent, slow acclimatization.

Weather and mountain conditions can lead to program or route changes.

Participation in the expedition is solely at your own responsibility. Furtenbach Adventures is not liable for accidents, damages or losses.

If you are not sure whether you are fit to participate in an expedition, contact Lukas Furtenbach at +43 512 204134 or and clarify this issue in a personal talk!

This package in general is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

Difficulty / Technique
The ascent lies in the individual responsibility of the participants under the supervision of an expedition leader. Participants must be able to move safely and independently in mixed terrain (rock, snow, ice) and independently create rope teams when necessary. Showing cooperation, camaraderie and support on the mountain increases the chances of success for everyone. The participants are obliged to follow the instructions and accept the decisions made by the expedition leader. Each participant must know his/her own physical boundaries in order to be able to make the decision to turn back if need be.

A key success factor in expeditions is a good physical condition and stamina. Work out in the months prior to the expedition! Several hours of climbing with a heavy backpack over 1000 meters in altitude per day should not be a problem for you. We are happy to advise you personally on how you can best prepare yourself mentally and physically for an expedition!


You will need your own mountain equipment and a down sleeping bag with a comfort range from -20 degrees. After booking, we will send you a detailed equipment list. We are happy to advise you personally in the selection or purchase of required equipment. With years of expedition experience, we know what has proved its worth and what is best to avoid.

We recommend each participant to undergo a medical check-up prior to embarking on the expedition. Sound health is a prerequisite for taking part in an expedition. Of particular importance is a trip to the dentist, because previously unnoticed dental problems can suddenly become acute due to altered pressure conditions resulting from higher altitudes.


We know very well the excitement and attraction of high mountains! But we also want you to climb a mountain safely and come back healthy and having been able to enjoy the expedition while it was taking place and not only afterwards. Therefore, in order to participate in a Volcanic Seven Summit expedition, you should have already gained considerable alpine mountaineering experience. When booking, please mention which altitudes you have already reached or which high mountains you have climbed. If you are a newbie, we can offer a tailor-made training and development program for your desired destination.

All necessary skills and techniques that will be needed on an expedition can be learned or refreshed in the Alps during a special introductory weekend. Get in touch.

Entry Requirements
Passport and visa regulations


Detailed information regarding entry, visa and health requirements for this travel destination will be provided once you’ve communicated your nationality.



Deposit Payment is made less than eleven months prior to the end of the trip and is a maximum of 20% of the price. The balance must be paid no earlier than 20 days prior to departure. Please find more information regarding the payment in our GTC.


Right of withdrawal

The traveller has the right to withdraw from the travel contract at any time by paying the according cancellation fee stated in the General Terms of Conditions of Furtenbach Adventures GmbH (, item II. 7.).

The following fees apply for cancellations on the part of the client prior to travel:

until 30 days prior to departure............................... 30%
29 - 20 days prior to departure.......................... 40%
19 -10 days prior to departure.......................... 70%
9 - 4 days prior to departure.............................. 80%
from the 3rd day prior to departure (72 hours).........100%
on the day of departure....................................... 100% of the tour fee.

The tour operator will be released from the contract if the specified minimum number of participants is not achieved and if the customer has been notified about the cancellation in writing within the following periods: until 20 days prior to departure.


Insurance possibilities

We strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance (including trip cancellation, interruption, medical and luggage insurance) at “Europäische Reiseversicherung AG” [European Travel inscurance].

For this journey the insurance package “Annual-Complete+Cover” would be suitable. We’re happy to provide you with an individual offer after the booking of the trip or on request.




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