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The 7.546 m high Muztag Ata, either as a ski expedition or with snow shoes, is probably the most affordable start into high mountaineering and a perfect preparation for your first 8000er. It is also situated in one of the most fascinating corners of this earth.

The Mustag Ata definitely is no secret tip anymore. But it once was for a very long time. And the bottom line is, that i got all the popularity and fame because it truly is a perfect introduction into high mountaineering. He is also quite high. With after all 7.546 m, you are getting very close to the 8.000 m mark. But the biggest advantage is that this mountain lacks most of the objective risks of a high mountain and is technically less complicated, which even offers the opportunity to ascent this mountain via touring skis. Still, the descent is not just pure pleasure, since the altitude makes breathing quite hard and a break after every few turns are necessary to bring the pulse back from the red zone. Nonetheless, the skis are a big advantage and facilitate the descent a lot. For those who feel uneasy with skis we offer the same tour with snowshoes which offers the same pleasurable experience.

We know the Muztag Ata since many years and chose to travel there from Kirghizia. This route proved to be the easiest, fastest and cheapest. With camels, we travel to the base camp and further on over a beautiful, long stretched and to steep ridge straight up to the summit. Early in the season and with a lot of snow left from the winter, you can even ski back to the base camp. But most of the time it is possible to ski at least until Camp 1. 3 camps will be set up, if we are fast we can do it with 2 camps as well.

We are offering this expedition with guide and high camp equipment or as a cheaper “base camp & logistics only” version for independent climbers with own gear. 

We recommend the Muztag Ata to all mountaineers who wish to try out a high mountain for the first time, plan a ski expedition or simply have little time or budget.



Affordable expedition for beginners
Uncomplicated travel to destination over Kirghizia
German- /English-speaking UIAGM mountain guide
High camp equipment
“Base camp & logistics only” option
Including flight



21.06.-20.07.2019 (30 days from/to Bishkek)

Base camp & logitics only: desired date


Price all inclusive: € 5.190 (with German-/English-speaking UIAGM mountain guide and high camp equipment)

Booking Code: MUZ17

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Price "base camp & logistics only": € 3.990 (no mountain guide, no high camp equipment)

Booking Code: MUZBC17

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Minimum 8 persons


What the price includes:

Whole organization of the expedition

Scheduled flight from/to Munich or Vienna to Bshkek

All transfers and transport

German- /English-speaking UIAGM mountain guide

Accommodation during the travel to destination and in Bishkek in simple hotels

Full board during the whole travel (except high camp)

Beverages at joint meals (no alcoholic beverages)

Double room at accommodation during the travel to destination

Camels for the transport to the base camp and back

1 tent per member at the base camp

1 tent per 2 members for the climb and high camp on the mountains (no high camps at “BC & logistics only” version)

High camp tent (not for “BC & logistics only” version)

Insurance and equipment for the whole staff

Pharmaceutical travel kit, high altitude emergency medicine, pulsoxymeter

Kitchen team

Communal tent, shower tent, etc. at the base camp

Satellite communication (WIFI, laptop, solar charging facilities depending on availability)

Radio communication for base and high camp (not for “BC & logistics only” version)

All fees and permits

Weather forecast

Security and warranty of an Austrian tour operator

What the price does not include:

Mountain guide for “BC & logistics only” version

High altitude porter

Visa for China

Personal insurance

Personal medicine

Alcoholic beverages


Personal mountain and climbing equipment

Sleeping bag for base and high camp

High camp for “BC & logistics only” version

Fees for satellite telephone, Emails


Tour operator for this trip: Furtenbach Adventures GmbH, Hoehenstrasse 5, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, phone: +43 (0) 512 204134, mail:



The following schedule is planned:


Due to the complex logistics of an expedition, the schedule is subject to changes. Therefore, the exact schedule will depend on the progress of the group at the mountain as well as the weather and snow conditions. Furthermore, we are going to operate in a very remote, political unstable region, where we have to expect governmental or environmental restrictions of our mobility at all times.


Day 1: Flight to Bishkek.

Day 2: Arrival in Bishkek and transfer to the Issyk Kul Lake.

Day 3: Transfer to Naryn and overnight stay in yurt camps.

Day 4: Drive over the 3.746 m high Tourugart Pass at the border to China and process of the cross-boarder formalities. With a different vehicle on the Chinese side, we move on along the ancient silk road metropolis Kashgar. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 5: There is time left for grocery shopping and then we depart for Kara Kul Lake at 3.700 m where we will see our target, the Muztag Ata for the first time. Overnight stay in the tent.

Day 6: With a motorized vehicle, we drive to the last settlement Subash at around 3.800 m. Here, the camels will be loaded with our luggage and we hike up to the base camp at 4.450 m.

Days 7-25: 19 full days of acclimatization, regeneration, high camp set-up and a summit attempt lie ahead. This means we will have enough time for a second attempt or in case of bad weather conditions. Usually we are setting up 3 high camps. Camp 1 at 5.400 m, Camp 2 at 6.000 m and Camp 3 at 6.800 m. The terrain does not offer any particular difficulties or dangers except for a small icefall and a few collumns. The terrain is ideal skiing terrain and if the conditions are good we are able to ascend and descend all the way with skis. Usually, the way to Camp 1 is clear of snow though.

Day 26: From the base camp to Kashgar

Day 27: Kashgar to Naryn

Day 28: Naryn to Issyk Kul Lake

Day 29: Issik Kul Lake to Bishkek and overnight stay at the hotel. There is still time for a city tour.

Day 30: Flight back home.

An expedition to high altitudes still presents an enormous challenge despite modern equipment and tactics. Besides technical and fitness requirements, the high altitude still poses the largest hurdle. That is why we place great emphasis on prudent, slow acclimatization, and recommend our eight thousander expedition participants the possibility of pre-acclimatization in a high altitude tent at home (see also FAQ). 
Weather and conditions on the mountain can lead to program or route changes. Participation in the expedition lies in your own individual responsibility. Furtenbach Adventures assumes no liability for accidents, damages or loss of materials.
If you are not sure whether taking part in an expedition is the right thing for you, feel free to contact Lukas Furtenbach at Tel +43 512 204134 or per for an answer to this question during a personal interview!

This package in general is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

Difficulty / Technique
The ascent always lies in the participant‘s personal responsibility, while led by the mountain guide and expedition leader. Participants must be able to move safely and independently in mixed terrain (rock, snow, ice) and – if required – independently build rope teams under the guidance of the mountain guide. Cooperation, camaraderie and support on the mountain increases the chances of success for all. The guide is there to provide guidance for the whole group, the possibilities for him to respond to individual needs is limited. It is imperative that participants adhere to the instructions and decisions made by the mountain guide. Regardless, each participant must know their own physical limits, and be able to make a timely decision to turn back.
For expeditions offered by us, unless otherwise specified in the detailed program, the following is required of participants: independent getting on and off the fixed ropes on cliffs, snow, ice and firn snow slopes, as well as the independent use of crampons and ice axes in mixed terrain. On climbing passages, as well as very dangerous and exposed places, fixed ropes are attached by mountain guides and by the Sherpa team.

Physical fitness 
A key success factor in expeditions is being in good shape. Train in the months before the expedition! Several hour climbs with a backpack and around 1000 meters per day should not be a problem for you. You have to carry your own personal equipment on the mountain, unless an optional personal Sherpa is booked. We will gladly provide individual advice on how to best prepare yourself mentally and physically for an expedition!

Following your booking we will send you a detailed equipment list. We will be happy to advise you personally during the selection and purchase of required equipment. With years of expedition experience, we know what has proved its worth and what not.

We recommend that each participant undergoes a medical examination prior to the expedition. Good health is a prerequisite for participation. Particularly important is a visit to the dentist because previously unnoticed dental problems can become quite acute due to the sudden change in pressure conditions in higher altitudes.

We are very familiar with the charm and attraction of an eight-thousander! However, we want to make certain that you can ascend safely, come back alive, and be able to enjoy the expedition while on it and not afterwards. Therefore, in order to participate in our eight-thousander expeditions, you must already have collected some experience at high altitudes and mountaineering. When booking, please let us know which heights you have already reached and which high mountains you have climbed. If you are a newcomer, no problem, we offer a bespoke program aimed to train you for reaching your desired destination.

In order to participate in our seven-and six-thousander expeditions, you should have at least some experience on the four-thousander peaks of the Alps or other mountain ranges. Our offer for newcomers applies here as well, we can train you to become prudent and safe high altitude climbers!

We offer a special introductory weekend for all those who want to learn about - or refresh their knowledge of - all the skills and techniques needed on an expedition. More infohere.

Entry Requirements

Passport and Visa Regulations

Swiss or EU citizens: When entering the country, you need a passport with a validity of at least 6 more months.

Visa must be obtained by members at the Chinese embassy in their homecountry in time. 

Information on recommended vaccines and health regulations:

More detailed information regarding entry, visa and health requirements for this travel destination will be provided once you’ve communicated your nationality.



Deposit Payment is made less than eleven months prior to the end of the trip and is a maximum of 20% of the price. The balance must be paid no earlier than 20 days prior to departure. Please find more information regarding the payment in our GTC.


Right of withdrawal

The traveller has the right to withdraw from the travel contract at any time by paying the according cancellation fee stated in the General Terms of Conditions of Furtenbach Adventures GmbH (, item II. 7.).

The following fees apply for cancellations on the part of the client prior to travel:

 until 30 days prior to departure............................... 30%
29 - 20 days prior to departure.......................... 40%
19 -10 days prior to departure.......................... 70%
9 - 4 days prior to departure.............................. 80%
from the 3rd day prior to departure (72 hours).........100%
on the day of departure....................................... 100% of the tour fee.

For expeditions to 7000 and 8000 meter peaks the following fees apply for cancellations on the part of the client prior to travel: until 3 months prior to departure 50%, within 3 months prior departure 100%.


The tour operator will be released from the contract if the specified minimum number of participants is not achieved and if the customer has been notified about the cancellation in writing within the following periods: until 20 days prior to departure.


Insurance possibilities

We strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance (including trip cancellation, interruption, medical and luggage insurance) at “Europäische Reiseversicherung AG” [European Travel inscurance].

Due to the high package price and long trip duration an insurance offer will be provided directly and individually by the travel insurance company after your booking.

To cover search and rescue costs in the mountains, we ask our expedition participants to take out a “medical only”-membership at Global Rescue. This membership can be concluded here before departure: Further information are provided after your booking.


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